Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Only a clean window can gift you a clean world


When spending a lot of time indoors the last thing you want is to be stuck sitting in a Dark and Depressing room that barely has any Sunlight coming in from the windows. Believe it or not, Dirt can absorb a fairly large part of the light coming in from the glass and so having clean windows is very important in keeping your home Cosy and welcoming. Here comes the help of the window cleaning service.


While it may seem like an easy task, cleaning windows, particularly on the Outside, can be quite dangerous, especially if you live on a higher floor. Instead of risking your safety why not hire our Premium Clan’s team of highly Experienced and fully Insured window washers to clean your windows for you? All of our window cleaners have 5 Star qualification standards and have all complete the specified training courses that help make them the best window cleaners in the Canberra area. Our cleaners main priority is achieving a Spectacular result, they want you to feel like new windows have been installed, Brightening up your home for all friends and family to enjoy.

Sunlight is, of course also very important in keeping a healthy lifestyle. No matter the size or shape of your windows, we strive to achieve the perfectly Clear, Streak-free and Dirt-free glass. So we Guarantee that our team of professional window cleaners will provide your house with plenty of light and thus create a healthy habitat for you to live in. Using a wide range of window cleaning tools at our disposal, we will do a full clean of both the Inside and Outside of the glass, removing any dirt we come across. We provide all the needed tools such as Ladders, Brushes that can attach to a long Telescopic pole, Squeegees, Scrapers and much more. The Telescopic poles allow us to clean up to around 2 Storeys high without the use of a Ladder. however, don’t worry if your windows are higher than this as we will bring Ladders high enough to reach any window.


All of the window cleaning products that we use are also all Eco-Friendly, helping keep ourselves and our planet safe from Toxic fumes. Most shops bought products tend to leave Smears or require a Heavy amount of scrubbing. This can actually cause more damage to the glass than anything and can leave heavy Scratches that may be visible in certain lights. Our cleaning products and Professional cleaning cloths and equipment will guarantee that no damage will be caused to your windows.

Book with our window cleaning  Service today and see the Sparkle in your windows again.

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